About Business 3.0

Business is often seen as a zero-sum game. Business 2.0 was originally a monthly magazine founded by Chris Anderson, now TED’s curator, which chronicled the rise of the “New Economy“, driven by internet-based services. For us, Business 2.0 means business with new digitally-based tools, services, products, best practices, and strategies.

Business 3.0 is an evolving concept about how individuals and organisations create value and thrive for their customers and communities. Many of these businesses do not neatly fit into existing business definitions. It is an umbrella for the alternative and undocumented perspectives that have potential to inspire others.

What counts as Business 3.0? Any individual or organization that creates self-sustaining value. These include traditional businesses, tech companies, freelancers, solopreneurs, digital nomads, and what you didn’t think of as a business: co-ops, NGOs, and even government initiatives. Business 3.0 captures the dialogues, monologues, and thought processes of people who are doing meaningful for themselves and creating value for others.

We’re taking a page from Buffer for our vision. We want to be a long-term, sustainable team that works hard on mission-driven work. We want to be the spotlight alternative perspectives and undiscovered voices to translate for the global English-speaking community. This means we will experiment often with our content and and push the boundaries of how we share information in an effort to remain true to our subjects, and relevant to our audiences.

This is a platform for thoughtful individuals and teams to prove us wrong by constantly challenging how we see the world and solve problems, big and small.

What counts as alternative perspectives? In theory, anything under a unique light. But we emphasize perspectives from places and peoples in emerging markets and non-English speaking countries. In addition, we want to bring attention to and celebrate the achievements of underprivileged individuals who may be differently-abled, immigrants in new places, bi-cultural, LGBTQ, women, from low-income backgrounds, of all faiths (including Islam), and more.

Do you have focus areas? For now, we are actively working in East Asia. We are focused on Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. If you would like to be the editor for your home market, please get in touch!

Our goal is to make available information not readily available in English and also to provide English content in Chinese.

Can I contribute if I’m from a developed country? Yes! Homegrown businesses in any country can bring value to communities. We want to hear from you!

Can I contribute if I’m not a business? Yes! Business 3.0 is committed to showcasing how self-sustaining organizations that provide long-term value for the people they serve, including team members.

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